Wedding engagements are pretty much always an exciting time in a person’s life, mainly because they begin with a proposal and a diamond ring! A lot of attention is paid to the proposal at first. People can spend a great deal of time thinking about how to propose, and fretting over what their partner’s answer may be. Once an engagement is announced, friends and family are usually quite interested in exactly how the proposal went. You will usually get a couple of standard questions once you reveal your engagement to people. The first question will likely be about how the proposal went. Next, people will likely ask to see your new engagement ring. Although most people think of engagement rings as a beautiful token of affection and the desire to create a lasting partnership with someone your love, recently some studies have put a little more thought into what an engagement ring says about your marriage.

While this information is by no means scientifically accurate or universally applicable, there are certain trends and correlations between things like ring size, cut, colour and cost and the status of a relationship. It is always important to remember that the most important thing about engagements is taking the next step in your relationship together. Getting hung up on appearances can be tempting, but it won’t make your relationship any stronger or less important in the grand scheme of things. Despite this fact, many people outside of your inner circle, and perhaps a few people within it, will make certain conclusions about your relationship based on the appearance of your engagement ring. You’ll find some of these described below, so you can get a better understanding of how they relate back to you and your partner.

Ring Value Associated with Relationship Value

While they are certainly beautiful symbols of love and commitment, engagement rings can be associated with some other less desirable ideas as well. When you see a big expensive diamond on another woman’s finger, often times you may find yourself thinking about how much that woman is worth to her partner. Is the diamond on her finger truly an expression of the value of her relationship? Perhaps not, but many people can’t help but associate the value of the ring with the relationship itself.

Higher Ring Costs Indicate Less Relationship Security

In a recent study conducted by Emory University near Atlanta, around 3000 people who have been married at least once were asked via an online survey about their marriages. One of the results of this survey found that couples who spent more on their engagement rings tended to have their marriages end prematurely. This was in direct contrast to couples that spent less on their rings, although people that reported spending less than $500 on a ring also tended to have a higher divorce rate.

Cut and Shape of the Stone

A lot has been said over the years about the cut and shape of the stone on your engagement ring. Unlike the recent study discussed above, these ideas have been established gradually over time by considering the common trends between couples that select a particular cut or shape. Again they are by no means truly indicative of the actual status of your relationship, but others may associate these ideas with you and your partner due to the stone cut you select.

Princess Cut – Not surprisingly, people associate a princess cut with a partnership that features a pampered spouse and their devoted partner. Images of a courtly relationship with a decorated princess and her worthy suitor come to mind when thinking of this particular stone cut.

Classic Round – This is indicative of a more traditional relationship based on devotion and loyalty to one another.

Heart Shaped – This cut stands out as something that draws attention to the couple’s affection for one another, and their willingness to openly display that affection.

There are plenty more types of cuts and stone sizes available for diamond engagement rings, but the ones listed are among the more popular and well known from today. To learn more about what exactly your diamond engagement ring says about you and your future spouse, be sure to consult with one of the diamond experts in a private showing with Adamar Diamonds. To set up your consultation, be sure to contact us today!