• History of Diamonds

A Brief History of Diamonds: Infographic

Diamonds are among the most rare and beautiful gemstones found on earth. These dazzling stones have remained attractive and enticing to humans throughout history, from the time of their discovery in India in 4th century BC, right up to present day. Over the course of history, the diamond has taken on many significant roles in [...]

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  • Meanings of Diamond Shapes

Names and Meanings of Diamond Shapes (2/2)

If you haven't already, read part one of our two-part series on the names and meanings of various diamond shapes. We have seperated these posts because it is important to the history of diamonds to proceed at a snail's pace to gaining knowledge. With diamond gem shapes and cuts there is everything from Radiant Diamonds, [...]

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  • tweezers analyzing diamond gem

Names and Meanings of Diamond Shapes (1/2)

Some say that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. In fact, we know that diamonds are more than that - they are among one of your most precious investments, and hence this investment must be of exceptional quality. Adamar Diamond's GIA Certified diamond experts have created this infographic explaining the names and meanings of the [...]

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