Rose Gold Heart Necklace

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Classic Halfway Tennis Necklace

Imagined in Canada, designed and manufactured in Italy. This lovely rose gold heart necklace is fashioned in a such a wonderful warm rose gold. The heart hangs down on its side giving it a wonderful unique look on this rose gold heart necklace. To top it off, we’ve added an additional diamond hanging off to the side. After all, its … Read More

Diamond Flower Pendant

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Classic Halfway Tennis Necklace 3

What a dazzling diamond flower pendant. This 18kt white gold diamond flower pendant is designed and manufactured to the highest standards at our factory in Italy. We carefully chose each pear shaped diamond to match all 5 petals of this glorious pendant. Each diamond is meticulously hand set into this wonderful 18kt mounting. Bright white gold pairs fantastically with shimmering … Read More

Diamond Swirl Necklace

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IMG 9792

14kt diamond swirl necklace This lovely 14kt diamond swirl necklace has an almost whimsical feeling. We’ve crafted it of a lovely warm 14kt rose gold. The necklace seems to swirl in an unexpected pattern. The lines of the curves are further highlighted by diamonds set atop this wonderful necklace. This necklace is a perfect gift for any occasion. We sell them … Read More

Diamond Filigree Pendant

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IMG 9797

14kt diamond filigree pendant We love the look of this amazing diamond filigree pendant. We crafted this wonderful pieces out of 14kt white gold with a big and bold oval outline. Within the oval we showcase the many curves that have come to make filigree designs so popular. Its all about the intricate diamond work. Its the attention to detail … Read More

Infinity Diamond Necklace

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IMG 9793

14kt infinity diamond necklace The infinity diamond necklace has become so popular over the last few years. There are a few good reasons. It is a wonderful symbol of someones infinite love for another person. Another reason is its shape-appeal. Its a lovely curved shape and everyone has come to love. We’ve crafted the pendant out of 14kt white gold … Read More

Double Circle Diamond Pendant

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IMG 9794

14kt two-tone double circle diamond pendant Were totally in love with this dainty double circle diamond pendant. It features two circles of dazzling diamonds. The outer circle features the same 14kt white gold as the chain and bale. Captured inside is a smaller rose gold circle, of course this is also completely encrusted in diamonds. Just like all our pieces … Read More

Diamond Love Necklace

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IMG 9748white gold

18kt Diamond Love Necklace This diamond love necklace kind of says it all, doesn’t it? Give the one you love this amazing piece. We’ve designed and hand crafted this piece in Italy to make sure it meets our very strict standards. We created this lovely contracting look where the text is finished in a mirror-like bright 18kt white gold, but … Read More

Double Lariat Diamond Necklace

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double lariat diamond necklace

This is truly one of our most spectacular pieces. This double lariat diamond necklace is handcrafted in Italy by true artisans. It features a staggering 8.73ct of fantastic bright white diamonds. The design brings the two sides of the necklace together into a delicate knot and the diamonds emerge from the other side as a graceful double lariat. This is … Read More