Names and Meanings of Diamond Shapes (1/2)

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Some say that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. In fact, we know that diamonds are more than that – they are among one of your most precious investments, and hence this investment must be of exceptional quality. Adamar Diamond’s GIA Certified diamond experts have created this infographic explaining the names and meanings of the different shapes and diamond cuts.

Every diamond gem shape has its own unique character and symbolism within the jewellery industry and history of diamonds. Each cut is no exception, and has it’s own special characteristics.

Diamond Shapes

  • Round

    • Round-cut diamonds are the most classic and still the most popular today. They tend to be more expensive than equivalent fancy shapes as more rough has to be sacrificed to complete the stone.
  • Cushion

    • One of the most popular cuts today. The cushion shape is almost like a rounded square and gets it’s name for being shaped like a pillow.
  • Emerald

    • Emerald cuts are known as a step cut diamond. Their facets are layered in straight lines on the underside of the diamond. Higher clarity is more important on emerald cuts as the facets are larger and inclusions can be more visible.
  • Asscher

    • An Asscher cut is a trademarked cut, with, essentially, square-shaped emerald cut with perfect 45 degree corners.
  • Princess

    • Princess cuts are a square brilliant cuts with sharp pointed corners. When selecting a princess cut it is important to design a ring that protects the corners of the stone.

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[INFOGRAPHIC] The Names & Meaning of Diamond Shapes

names and meanings of diamonds shapes part 1

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