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At Adamar Diamonds, we are not only experts in diamonds, we are specialists in understanding the unique needs and desires of each of our customers.

Our diamond experts are passionate about helping people get exactly what they want in a diamond and diamond jewelry. Therefore, in addition to an incredible array of diamond rings and jewelry, we are proud to offer an excellent selection of loose diamonds.

Why do we sell loose diamonds in Toronto?

Buying a piece of jewelry like a diamond engagement ring, involves many big decisions, and it is not always easy to get it exactly right. That is why buying a loose diamond makes perfect sense to many of our Toronto customers.

Our selection of loose diamonds means that customers can find the exact balance of cut, carat, clarity and color they desire. Then later, perhaps along with their partner or at a different stage in life, the diamond can be set into jewelry.

Purchasing a loose diamond in Toronto, Canada can be a great solution to what can be an otherwise difficult task. But that’s not the only reason. In fact, there are many benefits to purchasing a diamond this way.

Loose diamonds hold a special sense of awe because they represent endless possibilities. With a loose diamond, one can let their imagination run wild and envision the jewelry of their dreams. We’ve seen it happens that a person will fall in love with a diamond, but they are not crazy about a feature of the jewelry. Perhaps they wanted a platinum band instead of yellow gold, for example.

Loose diamonds make an incredible gift. Some have purchased loose diamonds to pass along to children or grandchildren. Others have purchased them as an investment. And, of course, others consider a loose diamond because they know their partner would love to help design their own ring.

One question people commonly ask about loose diamonds is: What about the proposal? Many people have a vision of getting down on one knee, opening a ring box and sliding the sparkling stone onto someone’s finger. That’s not so easy with a loose diamond.

The solution that we most commonly offer is to set a loose diamond into a temporary setting. A temporary setting can provide the best of both worlds. The diamond still comes set in a ring for the proposal, but it is easily dismounted and later put into a permanent setting. That way, there is still a diamond for the proposal but the exciting part of designing the ring can happen collaboratively.

There are other advantages, too, in purchasing a loose diamond. If the diamond is an investment, loose diamonds have more liquidity and are more easily evaluated by buyers for their value. Furthermore, loose diamonds are incredible gifts and can become cherished family heirlooms.

If you are considering purchasing a loose diamond for any reason at all, call to book an appointment with us at Adamar Diamonds. Our appointment-only diamond showroom in downtown Toronto offers a beautiful, relaxing atmosphere, and our certified diamond experts will help you find exactly what you are looking for, with no rushing or pushy sales tactics.

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