A Brief History of Engagement & Wedding Rings in Toronto ON

When it comes to wedding jewelry, engagement rings often get all the attention. The size and cut of a diamond can take one’s breath away, and they represent that exciting moment in a couple’s life when they decide to make a lifelong commitment. But this wasn’t always the case. In fact, engagement rings in Toronto are a relatively new trend.

Less than one hundred years ago, most people simply had a wedding band to mark their marriage status. The wedding band symbolized a lifelong commitment and it was often an understated ring and with little embellishment. Today, diamond wedding bands are more popular than ever. Some have a delicate row of diamonds all the way around while others have several rows of sparkle; still others have a single diamond to catch the eye.

Wedding bands should be just as special as engagement rings (even though we think those are very special, too) and deserve just as much care and attention when choosing one. Unlike days gone by, wedding bands today come in a wide array of options, from simple and elegant, to diamond wedding bands enhanced with spectacular stones. They can be made with white, yellow or rose gold, platinum, or even a combination of metals.

Wedding bands symbolize a lifelong commitment and should be just as special and beautiful as the relationship they represent.wedding & engagement rings in toronto on