People tend to associate a lot with diamond engagement rings beyond the obvious symbols of love, affection and commitment. One major influence on what people consider when they see your new engagement ring is the size of the diamond. With that in mind you may find yourself wondering exactly what the average size of a diamond in an engagement ring happens to be. If you know that, you’ll be able to give yourself a reference point as to what exactly you want in a ring, and more importantly, what you are likely able to afford.

So, what diamond size for an engagement ring is most common?

In North America, the average diamond size happens to be 1 carat, but that number depends on a lot of influential details that may or may not relate to the status of your relationship.

What Does it Mean to be ‘Average’?

The actual average of a diamond engagement ring size really depends on where you happen to live. As we stated above, the average in North America is around 1 carat, but this number can also vary depending on the region you live. In big cities like Toronto and New York, diamonds tend to be a bit bigger than the average size because of higher income levels and social norms common to an urban setting. Individual lifestyle also has a major influence on diamond sizes in engagement rings. More active lifestyles are less well suited to larger diamonds, where people who work in an office setting and are more interested in indoor activities may be better suited to a larger diamond because of the lowered potential for damage. With all of these different influences based on individual lifestyles and preferences, you can start to think of the ‘average’ diamond engagement ring size as more of a guideline than an established fact.

Hand and Finger Size

Many people are aware of the importance of a well sized ring. If the ring is too small it can become uncomfortable around your finger. Meanwhile a ring that is too large may also become uncomfortable, and comes with the added risk of losing the ring. While the size of the ring has more to do with comfort and practicality, the size of the diamond, whether above or below average, has more to do with the appearance of the ring on a person’s finger. An engagement ring is almost always worn on the ring finger of the left hand. With that in mind, the size of the diamond itself can be influenced by the size of your left ring finger. At the most, a standard sized finger will look best with a 1 carat diamond worn between the second and third knuckles. However, this is an average in terms of finger and diamond size. An experienced jeweller will be able to give you a personal recommendation based on your own hand.


Choosing a diamond that is right for you usually centres around what your budget happens to be. One thing you should keep in mind is the fact that a diamond isn’t the only thing you need to factor in your budget. There are plenty of other things to be aware of when creating an engagement ring, all of which are associated with certain costs. The average 1 carat diamond will likely cost around $6000 USD, and in order to get the best value based on your budget, you may have to opt for a smaller carat diamond. With help from one of the experienced jewellers at Adamar Diamonds, you’ll be able to create a diamond engagement ring that features the best of everything associated with the ring, and not just the diamond itself. We can help you make the most of your budget in terms of cut, setting, and the ring itself.

To find out more about creating the perfect diamond engagement ring, be sure to contact Adamar Diamonds to set up a personal consultation with one of our diamond experts today!