• Average Diamond Size for an Engagement Ring

What’s the Average Diamond Size for an Engagement Ring?

People tend to associate a lot with diamond engagement rings beyond the obvious symbols of love, affection and commitment. One major influence on what people consider when they see your new engagement ring is the size of the diamond. With that in mind you may find yourself wondering exactly what the average size of a [...]

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  • buying a custom engagement ring

Tips for Buying a Custom Engagement Ring

Buying a custom engagement ring can is an experience that includes fun, excitement and certainly a little bit of stress at first. It can be easy to feel a little overwhelmed when you first approach the task of finding the right engagement ring. This is especially true if you are like most people who have [...]

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  • left hand diamond wear engagement ring

Which Hand Should Wear an Engagement Ring?

Traditionally, we place the engagement ring on the intended's left ring finger. However, there are also many exceptions to this, therefore undoubtedly making it more a custom rather than a hard-and-fast rule. Today, few stop to consider the origin of wearing an engagement ring as well as a wedding band on the fourth finger of [...]

  • Custom Diamond & Sapphire Ring Toronto Ontario

Custom Made Diamond Rings & Jewelry

Everyone loves it when they get exactly what they want. Diamond jewelry should be no exception. One of the incredible and exciting things about shopping for diamonds and jewelry is that the possibilities are nearly endless. While many diamonds are set into beautiful jewelry, at Adamar Diamonds, we offer custom jewelry services and custom engagement [...]

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  • diamonds on a black background

What to Know When Buying an Engagement Ring

In today’s world, engagement rings have come to mean a lot of things. They are symbols of love and commitment; they are the jumping off point to a life of adventure together for a couple; they are a reminder of the magic moment when a couple made the watershed decision to move toward a life [...]

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