Jewellery & Diamond Appraisal Services
in Toronto, ON

Toronto Diamond Laboratory (TDL)

The Toronto Diamond Laboratory is a division of Adamar Diamonds staffed by GIA Diamond Graduates.
In an effort to provide the appropriate protection for our clients, the TDL applies the highest standards of every service we provide.

Diamond and Jewelry Appraisals:

TDL appraisals are designed to protect clients from a loss incurred within 2 years of the appraisal date. This value is an educated ‘replacement value’ estimate based on history, current market conditions and trends. We recommend that your diamond jewelry appraisal be updated every 2 years.

Diamond Grading and Certification:

TDL Diamond Grading reports conform to GIA (Gemological Institute of America) cut, color and clarity standards.
Diamond Re-Cutting:

The TDL utilizes a three-dimensional computer imaging technology to predict the final weight of a diamond being considered for re-cut and the personnel to advise whether a recut is advisable.
Laser Inscription:

The TDL uses a Laser diamond engraving machine, capable of inscribing a number or message on a diamond without causing damage to the stone or affecting value.
Laser inscriptions are visible only under magnification and can be removed by skilled diamond cutters without impacting weight or quality grades.

Estate Jewellery Purchasing

TDL will evaluate your estate jewellery that you may be looking to sell. Upon evaluation, TDL is pleased to offer its customers fair market value for their special estate jewellery items

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